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Code Block
# Install the ninja package (this example works on Ubuntu)
sudo apt-get install ninja-build

# Instead of ./ ...:
./ ... -ninja

# Instead of make -j ${IMPALA_BUILD_THREADS} <targets>:
ninja -j ${IMPALA_BUILD_THREADS} <targets>

# You can use an alias to make ninja use IMPALA_BUILD_THREADS by default
alias ninja='ninja -j ${IMPALA_BUILD_THREADS}'

Skip toolchain bootstrapping

Bootstrapping the toolchain and python dependencies can add latency to invocations even if nothing needs to be downloaded. You can disable this by setting SKIP_TOOLCHAIN_BOOTSTRAP=true in bin/ Note that this means you need to manually set SKIP_TOOLCHAIN_BOOTSTRAP=false when running to download dependencies when they do change.

Using distcc

The instructions for using distcc are in bin/distcc/