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  1. Clone Joshua from its git repository.

    Code Block
    git clone joshua
  2. Set the Joshua root dir, then compile Joshua and install dependencies.

    Code Block
    cd joshua
    export JOSHUA=$(pwd)
    # add this to your ~/.bashrc, too
    echo "export JOSHUA=$JOSHUA" >> ~/.bashrc
    # compile Joshua, run tests, and build the jar file
    mvn compile assembly:singlepackage
    # Download dependencies used for building and running models

    The "" will download and compile utilities that are used by Joshua. These include the alignment tool GIZA++ and the symal tool, the Berkeley aligner and the KenLM runtime library, and Thrax, Joshua's grammar extractor.

    Run the unit tests to make sure that everything's working.

    Code Block
    mvn test

Assuming everything compiled correctly, you are all set and you are probably ready to progress to the Joshua Tutorial. If you wish to help develop Joshua, see the Development page.