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FLIPTarget ReleaseLink to Discussion Thread
FLIP-1 : Fine Grained Recovery from Task Failures1.9
FLIP-16: Loop Fault ToleranceTBD
FLIP-23 - Model Serving  TBD

FLIP-29: Support map/flatMap/aggregate/flatAggregate on TableAPI

FLIP-30: Unified Catalog APIsTBD
FLIP-31: Pluggable Shuffle Manager1.9
FLIP-32: Restructure flink-table for future contributionsTBD

FLIP-35: Support Chinese Documents and Website

FLIP-37: Rework of the Table API Type System1.9

FLIP-39:Flink ML pipeline and ML libs

FLIP-41: Unify Canonical Binary Format for Keyed StateTBD
FLIP-43: State Processing API1.9