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wget http://hostname:25000/pprof/profile
wget http://hostname:25000/pprof/heap
wget http://hostname:25000/pprof/growth

# If you are running a test cluster or similar with self-signed certs, you may need to pass an extra flag.
wget --no-check-certificate https://hostname:25000/pprof/heap

Installing Google Perf Tools


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# This defaults to sampling over a 30 second time period
pprof --text /path/to/impalad http://hostname:25000/pprof/profile

# To getproduce a graphical view use:
# For this to work, the "gv" package must be installed: sudo apt-get install gvPDF with the call graph:
pprof --gvpdf /path/to/impalad http://hostname:25000/pprof/profile > profile.pdf

# To sample over a longer/shorter period of time set the "seconds" argument.
pprof --text /path/to/impalad http://hostname:25000/pprof/profile?seconds=30