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Comment: Added info on eu-unstrip to produce binary with debug symbols


On the system where impalad crashed:
  • Find out the shared libraries referenced by impalad
gdb -c core /path/to/impalad
(gdb) info shared
  • Take this list of .so's and tar them up, being sure to follow symlinks:
tar chvzf so.tar.gz <list of so files>
  • Copy the core file, impalad, impalad.debug, and so.tar.gz files in the jira directory on impala-desktop.
On the system where you'll debug:
  • Extract the so files to a directory
tar xvf so.tar.gz
  • Launch GDB
gdb impalad
  • That should find and load symbols from impalad.debug automatically.
    • If symbols look messed up after this, you can try combining the impalad and impalad.debug files into one using the eu-unstrip tool (usually found in the elfutils package).
eu-unstrip -o impalad.full impalad impalad.debug
gdb impalad.full
  • Tell gdb to look for the copied so's rather than the system so's
(gdb) set sysroot /path/to/extracted/so/tar
  • Now load the core file
(gdb) core core
  • You should now be able to move around and debug the core file as normal!