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Comment: 72 character commit message


Finally, please write a good, clear commit message, with a short, descriptive title and a message that is exactly long enough to explain what the problem was, and how it was fixed. Each should have 72 or fewer characters if possible. Here is an example of a good examplecommit message:

titleIMPALA-1645 and IMPALA-1632: Verify Cache Directives

IMPALA-1645 and IMPALA-1632: Verify Cache Directives

When a table is loaded in the catalog, we will now perform a check to
verify that the cache directive ID and cache replication factor is still
valid and the data is current.

If the cache directive does no longer exist, we issue a error message
and mark the table / partition as uncached. Furthermore, the replication
factor is updated with the information from the actual cache directive.

In the case of insert statement there is a special situation as the
catalog update is happening synchronously and will try to access the
cache directive information that might be stale. Thus in this insert
path, we catch the possible not found exception and reset the caching