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When you have a patch that you consider ready for submission, submit it to our code review tool called Gerrit (see Using Gerrit to submit and review patches for details). You’ll see an e-mail go out to the list.

As time permits, someone from the core team will review your patch. You will likely need to submit an updated patch with some changes - reply to all the comments in Gerrit at the same time (mark as ‘Done’ those suggestions that you’ve taken without further comment). This process can go back and forth for a while - please don’t be discouraged, you’ll see it happens with all patches!


We maintain a mailing list at, which is the right place for Impala development discussions. Questions about using Impala still belong on the Impala user list, which is

Further reading

This presentation called How to Get Your PostgreSQL Patch Accepted captures a lot of our requirements - particularly the focus on starting small, getting agreement, working on the design first, ensuring proper testing and committing to good comments in the code.