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How do I contribute code?


Get an account on the Apache Jira.

Subscribe to the dev list  You do that by sending mail to


Find a JIRA that you would like to work on (or file one if you have discovered a new issue!). If no-one is working on it, assign it to yourself only if you intend to work on it shortly. Ramp-up JIRAs are a great place to look for your first patch ideas.

Jira has a whitelist of users that are permitted to modify Jiras. Mail the list and request access to assign Jiras to yourself. Please provide your Apache Jira username in the email.

Except for the very smallest items, it’s a very good idea to discuss your intended approach either on the JIRA or on the mailing list. You are much more likely to have your patch reviewed and committed if you’ve already got buy-in from the core Impala team before you start.