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  • Tips for UI labels translation

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Translation of UI labels, error messages, entities labels, etc. (all labels in lab.xml files)

At this point you should be able to do any translation with ease.There should be only one instance of a label in all translation files and labels should be, as much as possible, prefixed by the application name.

Translating other stuffs (can be extended from thelink below...)

If you are looking for how to translate Products or Categories Name and Descriptions, have a look at How to localize Product and Categories descriptions

Label Manager

To intialize the Label Manager in Webtools, before using "All files" option, 1st select a file and make a search. Then you will be able to select your language and all other options. This should be fixed one day...

Internationalisation (I18n) Localisation (L10n) of OFBiz

Guide to OFBiz-i18n, Internationalisation of OFBiz


Some POS labels are handled by XUI not OFBIz. You can use a plugin like RBE to edit those