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The document consist of the details with screenshots of whole process which defines how to place order through GoogleCheckout in ecommerce.

Necessary steps for understanding the Google Checkout process

 Placing Order in Google Area after selecting product from E-Commerce site

1. In OFBiz Area

 1.1  First go to E-Commerce application you will have landing page for selecting feature products. Choose the product for adding it into the cart.

Main Page of E-Commerce


1.2 After adding product in cart we will see the following screen with google checkout link.

  1.3 After clicking on Google Checkout link system will connect you to the google server. It carries shopping cart information, shipping methods etc to the google area. Now the further assistance will be provided through google.

2. In Google Area

2.1 You will be redirecting to the following page in google area.

 Sign- In page with create account and shopping cart information


In above image you can see there are three sections 1,2 and 3.

 Section 1

In this section you will have product information which you have selected from E- Commerce site.

 Section 2

In this section if don't have google buyer account then you need to create it first then only you can move further with the process.

 Section 3

In this section if you are existing user i;e, you are already having a buyer account on google then you can sign into this.

2.2 Once you sign in into google account, you will be redirecting to the following screen.

 Placing Order

Above screen is used for placing the order. Here you have to select shipping options from Shipping & Handling circle.

You can also Edit Order from Edit order link. This will redirect you to E-Commerce landing page from where you have selected the product.

Click "Place your order now" to process further with placing order.

2.3 After placing order you will get the screen added below.

 Order Confirmation Screen

Above screen lets you know that the order has been placed successfully. 

If you want to go back to E-Commerce site and continuing the purchasing then click on Retrun circle and If you want the updates about the current status of your order then click on "Get-up-to-date-order-progress" link.

Placing Order in OFBiz using Order notification information from Google

 Order created by googlecheckout response.

Above image shows order detail which is created through Google Checkout process. In this we can see Google order Id near orderId on top menu bar.

Create return

Once order is created after accepting the notification in OFBiz, If customer wants to return items then we need to perform few more steps for creating return.

1. In OFBiz Area

 Create a return of the orders which have been placed using googlecheckout response. See the Screen below to understand it in more appropriate way.

 Return Items from more than one Orders

In above screen you can see that two returns have been created of the orders which were placed trough Google. 

2. In Google Area

 Above return will be updated to order which is present in Google area.

 Return created in Google Area

Above screen contains the information of reruns and refunds.
 Here you can see in Order details. Its showing refund information.

Some Configuration Settings

For configuring merchant account following steps needs to be performed.


Click on Google Checkout button present in the secondary menu section. You will be redirected to the configuration page.

 Configure Merchant Information from here.

Above screen is used for configuring Merchant information like merchant Id, merchant key etc.
For configuring shipping method we will you the screen present below.

Shipping Methods Configuration

  Above screen is used for configure shipping methods for Google Checkout process.