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This tutorial is designed for beginners with little or no OFBiz experience. It covers the fundamentals of the OFBiz application development process. The goal is to make a developer conversant with best practices, coding conventions, basic control flow, and all other aspects which that a developer needs for OFBiz customization.

This tutorial will help you in building your first "Demo Application" in OFBiz.


For any questions or concerns, please use Post your questions to the OFBiz User Mailing List. Details about the mailing lists are available here. 

  • For the Trunk version, the ofbiz-framework trunk and ofbiz-plugins trunk the minimum requirement you need to be installed is Java 1.8 SDK or Sun JDK 1.8.
  • Apache OFBiz can be downloaded and run on both Unix-based and Windows-based systems.
  • Set JAVA_HOME environment variable (It is required to run Gradle build tool)
    Execute the following command on terminal: echo $JAVA_HOME (this will show a path(i.e home directory of your Java installation) which means the variable is set and if not please set)
  • System Specific specific requirements are available available here.

titleThis tutorial is for trunk release. For release specific tutorials, please refer:

The branch-specific naming convention is taken based on the year and month in which the branch has been created.
For example Release 18.12 - Here 18 represents the Year 2018 and 12 represents to 12th Month(i.e December). The latest branch is the greatest branch and is highly recommended for general-purpose use.


Since the trunk was split into ofbiz-framework and ofbiz-plugins, the specialpurpose and hot-deploy directories have disappeared.
New components must be put in a plugins directory which works as was the hot-deploy directory.