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 zookeeper.znode.parent is a config property associated with hbase-site in HBase.


While adding config properties there are a few scenarios to keep in mind. Go through them to see what is applicable for the specific set of config changes you are doing.

Where should the property be added?


E.g added to KAFKA/0.9.0 and not KAFKA/0.8.1. KAFKA in HDP-2.3 derives from KAFKA/0.9.0

If the property is not valid no longer supported starting a higher config Service version then ensure that the property is deleted in the higher starting that specific Service version. E.g.

Note: It is not typical standard to just remove delete config properties from a released stack definition. If you absolutely must then ensure that there is corresponding Ambari upgrade code to remove the config property as well.



The typical behavior is that Ambari upgrade must not modify stack configurations. It is critical for deployed stack to not take an outage (e.g. restart services) after performing an Ambari upgrade. It is ensured by specifying <on-ambari-upgrade add="false"/> to the config property. Due to historical reasons this is not the default behavior. Earlier versions of Ambari added any missing properties on upgrade. So several existing python scripts assume the existence of the properties.


Note: As Ambari upgrade does not add new config properties by default ensure that you have appropriate defaults while reading the configs. E.g.

What should happen on Stack upgrade


Display characteristics of the config property

See - Enhanced Configs

Misc best-practices

  • Prefer setting config property values using stack-advisor (its common across all deployment mechanism, UI, blueprint)
  • Avoid inclusion of new config properties or modification of config properties in the configure() implantation of the component. This is not visible to the user and thus results in configs on disk not being the same as the config accessible via API/UI
  • Do add description for all config properties
  • Add dependencies to other config properties as needed. Dependencies are required to ensure that stack advisor is called when dependencies change in value or are deleted (e.g. service delete)