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  1. Add a new git remote "apache" that tracks the ASF git repo:
  2. Set up your gerrit remote for ASF as follows:
    1. Use "git remote -v" to see your current gerrit remotes. You should see something like "gerrit ssh:// (fetch)".
    2. Copy the URL and modify it to change "Impala" to "Impala-ASF", then add that as a remote with the name "asf-gerrit"
      1. git remote add asf-gerrit ssh://
        (changing the username to your username in your ‘gerrit’ git remote.)
  3. Create a new local branch named "asf-gerrit-master" that tracks ASF master:
    1. git fetch asf-gerrit
    2. git checkout asf-gerrit/master
    3. git checkout -b asf-gerrit-master
    4. git branch --set-upstream-to=asf-gerrit/master asf-gerrit-master
  4. If you are a committer, set up your credentials at
  5. export DOWNLOAD_CDH_COMPONENTS="true". Consider adding this to your .bashrc
  6. For your current code reviews, you can either migrate them now to being based on apache, or you can wait until they are +2ed. The bad news is that if you move them, you leave your gerrit comments behind, and if you don’t move them, you lose the ability to rebase. When you move them, go to the patch in gerrit and click "Download" in the upper right-hand corner. Then either "Cherry Pick" or download "Patch-File" Go to your command line and git checkout asf-gerrit-master 
    1. git pull
    2. git checkout -b $SOME_NEW_BRANCH_NAME 
      Then either (a) Run the Cherry Pick command line (b) Download the patch file and apply it using the ‘patch’ command. After applying it, git commit. Git push to gerrit as described below
  7. Develop as you usually do. When you are ready to push to gerrit
    1. git push --no-thin asf-gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master