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# Make sure you specify your Common Name as your host's FQDN
openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout key.pem -x509 -days 365 -out certificate.pem
# After building, you can start your Impala cluster with the same flags as documented in
# Note that we are setting the --catalog_service_host and --state_store_host to avoid them defaulting to localhost.
# SSL won't tolerate mismatch Common Name
$IMPALA_HOME/bin/ --impalad_args='--backend_client_rpc_timeout_ms=10000 --catalog_service_host=$(hostname -f) --state_store_host=$(hostname -f) --ssl_server_certificate=$IMPALA_HOME/certificate.pem --ssl_private_key=$IMPALA_HOME/key.pem --ssl_client_ca_certificate=$IMPALA_HOME/certificate.pem' --catalogd_args='--catalog_service_host=$(hostname -f) --state_store_host=$(hostname -f) --ssl_server_certificate=$IMPALA_HOME/certificate.pem --ssl_private_key=$IMPALA_HOME/key.pem --ssl_client_ca_certificate=$IMPALA_HOME/certificate.pem' --state_store_args='--catalog_service_host=$(hostname -f) --state_store_host=$(hostname -f) --ssl_server_certificate=$IMPALA_HOME/certificate.pem --ssl_private_key=$IMPALA_HOME/key.pem --ssl_client_ca_certificate=$IMPALA_HOME/certificate.pem'

Running Automated Code Quality Checks Locally

When a patchset is published in Gerrit, automated code checks are ran.  To run these checks on local code before pushing, follow these steps.


From the Impala home directory, run:

./bin/jenkins/ --dryrun 


From the Impala home directory, run clang tidy (note: this runs a full build and thus takes a few minutes):