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Comment: Add note on key dup and ordering


  • Adds the ability for producers to set standard header key=value value pairs
  • No incompatible client api change (only new methods)
  • Allows users to specify the serialisation of the header value per header
  • Provides a standardised interface to eco systems of tools that then can grow around the feature

The disadvantage of this proposal is:

  • Change to the message object


Key duplication and ordering

  • Duplicate headers with the same key must be supported.
  • The order of headers must be retained throughout a record's end-to-end lifetime: from producer to consumer.

Create a Headers Interface and Implementation to encapsulate headers protocol.

  • See above public interfaces section for sample interfaces.

Add a headers field Headers to both ProducerRecord and ConsumerRecord

  • Accessor methods of Headers headers() added to interface of the ProducerRecord/ConsumerRecord.
  • Add constructor(s) of Producer/ConsumerRecord to allow passing in of an existing/pre-constructed headers via Iterable<Header> 
    1. use case is MirrorMakers able to copy headers.


Add new method to make headers accessible during de/serialization

  • Add new default method to Serialization/Deserialzation class, with Header parameter
    • Due to KIP-118 not being implemented, a new extended interface ExtendedSerializer ExtendedDeserializer with new extra methods is introduced instead
      • Existing De/Serialization will be wrapped and work as before.