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  1. Git for windows (
  2. Mladen's Custom Microsoft Compiler Toolkit Compilation  Compilation
    You can either download a binary distribution of CMSC from github or build one from source using the following steps  
    • Checkout 

    • (I used 132baba36d88279e7a9950e7e5e8456ce757b78a, latest tag should also be fine)

    • Download (sha256: 3d2f97178e72cabe0a972b14c4d0aae80f7ed99ec73be9970cc95f42a31bfdb6) and install the Windows Platform SDK  Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK
      Note: This isn't the official Microsoft download. It appears it is only available via MSDN subscription at the moment. The hash matches the version from MSDN.
      • no documentation
      • No samples
    • Download and install the Windows 7 SDK
      • no documentation  
      • No samples  
      • Complete set of developer tools  
    • Download and install the Windows DDK   7.1.0
      • Build environments  
      • Tools  
    • Compile as per <cmsc-root>/tools/README.txt  

    • Install Perl as per <cmsc-root>/tools/README.txt  

  3. 7-Zip 19.00 64-bit  
  4. Adopt OpenJDK jdk8u242-b08 64-bit