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Comment: project vs product (thanks to discussions with rfscholte)


  • Hervé Boutemy: Should we move away from the term Project for this document but use Product, as Software Product in Agile?
    Issue: a "project" is either a "Top Level Project" (ex: Maven), either a "mono-module project" (ex: shared-utils), either one "module of a multi-module project" (ex: maven-artifact module of Maven core)
    And even see Wikipedia "Project (disambiguation)" article: "Project, a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service"
    A build file (pom.xml when used by Maven to build an artifact) or description of attributes of an artifact (pom.xml when in repository) is clearly not temporary temporary: in agile methodology, this issue has been fixed by having a product, with a product manager.

Project Dependency Trees

<project> element