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Appoint Release Manager(tick)Patricia ShanahanShe was the only volunteer
Propose string/localization updates--(tick)-Language changes are not being considered for 4.1.3
Propose dictionary updates  (tick)Ariel Constenla-HaileSee release notes for the list of updated dictionaries
Select bugfixes and enhancements (tick)All

Anyone can propose a blocker either using the "4.1.3 Release Blocker" flag in Bugzilla or writing to the dev list

Decide on the proposed release blocker(tick)Patricia ShanahanThis is done only by the Release Manager
Provide code for the selected bugfixes/enhancements (tick)  



Buildbots available for: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. Mac OS X still missing but not a blocker (we don't need a buildbot for OS X release builds)

Windows builds  (tick)Ariel Constenla-Haile


Mac OS X 64-bit builds  (tick)Ariel Constenla-Haile 
Linux 32-bit and 64-bit builds  (tick)Ariel Constenla-Haile 
SDK builds  (tick)Ariel Constenla-Haile 
Source builds  (tick)Andrea Pescetti 
Upload builds to SF mirrors(tick)Ariel Constenla-Haile, Andrea PescettiCopy requires just a few hours, with the normal rsync instructions shown; note: project name has changed from since 4.1.2 and now the rsync target must be written as
Vote on Release Candidate(tick)Patricia ShanahanVote passed
Go / No Go for the release (based on votes and comments)(tick)Patricia ShanahanGO!
Sourceforge: Update to "Latest Version"   Marcus LangeSet the attribute "Latest Version" to all full installation files for every platform
Update Feed: New check.Update for the aoo413 area   Andrea Pescetti



Generic QA(tick)All 
Specific QA focused on the selected bugfixes/enhancements(tick)All 


Blog post: First status update and call for volunteers on dev@ mailing list   -This was not done
Website: Link top bar hint to the blog post   Marcus Lange 
Website: Link announcements to the blog posts   Marcus Lange 
Wiki: Prepare the Release Notes  Keith McKenna, Dick Groskamp, Patricia Shanahan, Marcus Lange 
Website: Update the main AOO download page   Marcus Lange 
Website: Update the project's AOO pages: main and download   Marcus Lange 
Blog post: Write the announcement to the AOO blog   Marcus Lange 
Announcement: Prepare Apache Press announcement  Marcus LangeWorking together with Sally Khudairi @ Apache, based on Release Notes
Announcement: Prepare official announcement for anaounce@   Marcus Lange