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  • Moving the Sling Launchpad to use released artifacts only

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We also discussed how to handle tests deployed under the launchpad which test functionality which is only present in SNAPSHOT versions. A proposal was made to use The proposals where:

  1. Create an annotation/assumption related to the bundles deployed in the Sling launchpad, e.g. \@NeedsBundleVersion(name="", version="2.10.0") or Assume.asumeThat(bundleVersionPresent("", "2.10.0"));
  2. Use a simple exclusion lists for deactivating tests, ideally using the same mechanism as the one used to switch to snapshot versions

A new pair of Jenkins jobs need to be created, to cover building the unstable launchpad and running the integration tests against it. The launchpad should be deployed with a different classifier, to prevent any mix-ups on


  1. dev@sling - Launchpad stable and launchpad unstable