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Apache Geode is heavily based on Git-Flow model [1] and [2] - Based on one of the first threads discussed in the project mailing list.  

The main concepts are:


1) The master branch is reserved for production-ready code, aka releases. 



  • No changes are made directly on the master branch.
  •  Master is merged solely from develop, and only by the "release manager". 
  •  Merges can only be done, when build is successful on all supported platforms, and the tests on all supported platforms have passed.
  • In other word, if you want to develop an enhancement for Geode, use develop branch explained below.


2) The develop branch is the development mainline.  Ongoing work shows up here first.

  • develop branch holds the latest code
  • It is used for active development thus can be unstable time to time (though unit test is enforced)
  • Contributors can develop enhancements on this branch and make patches.


3) Feature branches may be used to isolate interim work and will merge back to develop.