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  • ASF Committer Diversity Survey - 2016

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  • The objective of this question was to get a picture of the gender breakdown / diversity of the Apache committers
  • Ten people preferred not to answer this question
  • The two not listed responses did not specify a gender and instead commented on the question
  • The largest group of respondents (703) were male
  • Forty females, four trans females, and six gender variant / non conforming / non-binary responded.
    • Only 5.2% of respondents were female which is low
    • It is good to see that the people of non conforming gender are involved in ASF projects and also that they are willing to indicate this for the survey
    • Is there any potential work that can be done to see if we can get more information on a larger scale?

Proposed actions

  • Compare our data with other similar open source foundations / organisations to see where we are (are we typical / atypical / top / bottom / middle etc?)
  • Engage with women and other under-represented groups within the ASF and find out any ideas for encouraging others
  • Review existing outreach programs to see if they can help reach these under represented groups
  • Look at additional / specific outreach (e.g. Outreachy, Hackbright, WiBD etc) to see if we can collaborate with them