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  • "final StateStoreSupplier<KeyValueStore>" type as the first argument, not a StateStore. Note that one can obtain a StateStore by calling the .get() method on a StateStoreSupplier.

Misc API cleanup

During implementation it became apparent that some APIs needed minor renaming or cleanup. That is listed here:

  • KTable.getStoreName() -> Ktable.queryableStoreName(). Reason is that in Kafka we don't usually use the "get" prefix.

Implementation plan

One implementation detail that is important is how the Kafka Streams internals decides whether to materialize a KTable. Note that the above APIs provide a way for Interactive Queries to query a state store. They do not dictate whether the state store itself if a real, materialized one, or a view on top of a real, materialized store. Going back to the first example in the motivation: