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Metrics Service
  • Serves as a starting point for the Metrics system.
  • Loads metrics configuration.
  • Initializes the sink. If the sink is not properly initialized (AMS is not yet deployed), it tries to re-initialize every 5 minutes asynchronously.
  • Initializes and starts configured sources.


Metric Source
  • Any sub-component of Ambari Server that has metrics of interest.
  • Needs subset of metrics configuration corresponding to the source and the Sink to be initialized.
  • Periodically publishes metrics to the Sink.
  • Example - JVM, database etc.



Metric Sink
  • Flushes the metrics to an external metrics collection system (Metrics Collector)



/ Enabling

  • To enable Ambari Server metrics, make sure the following config file exists during Ambari Server start/restart -  /All the metrics related configuration are present in the /etc/ambari-server/conf/ file. .
  • Currently, only 2 metric sources have been implemented - JVM Metric Source and Database Metric Source.
  • To add / remove a metric source to be tracked the following config needs to be modified in the file.
  • Source specific configs are discussed in the metrics source section.