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  • KIP-7 Security Improvements

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  1. Make PBE Hashing, Iteration Count and Salt Configurable and Manageable (KNOX-944) DONE
  2. Make key sizes configurable for self-signed cert creation, etc
  3. Ensure that HTTPOnly and Secure flags are set on all cookies (KNOX-933) DONE
  4. Protect against LDAP Injection in the KnoxLdapRealm
  5. Ensure that the above improvements are backward compatible with deployed knox instances
  6. Ensure that the above configurable items are able to be configured prior to first start and the use of defaults (like in Ambari)
  7. SSOCookieProvider to be configurable for signature verification key/PEM (KNOX-947) DONE

2. Identity Broker APIs (KNOX-929)