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Comment: On why prefer Groovy for small services


We already have Java based implementations for services and events and there are ideas to implement a Groovy DSL [3] which can be used as a replacement for mini lang and does not have the above mentioned flaws.

One important thing we should not forget when replacing minilang is its ability to work without recompiling on changes. So for instance when replacing minilang services, and in general when writing small services, it's better to use Groovy (than eg Java). It makes quite a difference when you want to develop fast.
Note though that, if you don't enforce type using the def keyword, Groovy is less reliable than Java because Groovy is optionnaly typed, when Java which is type safe. Also, at least at the moment, it's harder to refactor because, for the same reason, there are less or even no tools in IDEs.

Impact of mini lang deprecation