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  1. Be online for that first build, on a good network 
  2. To set the Maven proxy setttings, see 

  3. Because Maven doesn't pass proxy settings down to the Ant tasks it runs HDFS-2381 some parts of the Hadoop build may fail. The fix for this is to pass down the Ant proxy settings in the build Unix: mvn $ANT_OPTS; Windows: mvn %ANT_OPTS%. 

  4. Tomcat is always downloaded, even when building offline. Setting to a local copy and -Dtomcat.version to the version pointed to by the URL will avoid that download.

If you are failing to fetch a artifact from the external maven repository, you may need to delete the related files from your local cache (i.e. ~/.m2 directory).

  • Ref: 
    serverASF JIRA

Native libraries

On Linux, you need the tools to create the native libraries: LZO headers,zlib headers, gcc, OpenSSL headers, cmake, protobuf dev tools, and libtool, and the GNU autotools (automake, autoconf, etc).