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As of Hive 2.2.0 (HIVE-14063), BeeLine adds support to use the hive-site.xml present in the classpath to automatically generate a connection url based on the configuration properties in hive-site.xml and an additional user configuration file. Not all the url properties can be derived from hive-site.xml and hence in order to use this feature user must create a configuration file called “beeline-hs2-connection.xml” which is a Hadoop xml format file. This file is used to provide user-specific connection properties for the connection URL. BeeLine looks for this configuration file in ${user.home}/.beeline/ (Unix based OS) or ${user.home}\beeline\ directory (in case of Windows). If the file is not found in the above locations BeeLine looks for it in ${HIVE_CONF_DIR} location and /etc/hive/conf (Check HIVE-16335 which fixes this location from /etc/conf/hive in Hive 2.2.0) in that order. Once the file is found, BeeLine uses beeline-hs2-connection.xml in conjunction with the hive-site.xml in the class path to determine the connection URL.