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Matteo, Enrico, JV, Charan, Sam, Kishore, Dustin Andrey, Bobby, Sijie, ...


  • Docker Image
    • multiple efforts on it (Matteo, Jia, Francesco)
    • goal: make a joint effort, discuss and come up with an approach for releasing an official BK image.
    • defer the discussion to email thread (or next meeting)
  • Security Proposal - SSL Patch
    • The last pending patch is the SSL
    • Kishore merges all the changes from Enrico.
    • Authentication Framework vs TLS Approaches
    • Configurable settings to control whether TLS channel is only used for encryption, certificated authentication or both.
    • Uses JKS (preferred format), it is also configurable.
  • Github Issue vs Jiras
    • JV: Prefer only one, either JIRA or Github issues.
    • Enrico: Github issues for new users, redirect users to JIRA
    • Matteo: move to Github issues. Make pull requests and github issues together for easy tracking.
    • Bobby: Github issue is pre-mature. There is only one Github issue. It is not worth moving to Github issues.
    • Proposal (JV):
      • Start using Github issues for a few months, to see how it works and decide?
      • Need to start a vote thread in the community (JV or Sijie will do this)
  • Issues:
    • SSL: (see Security Proposal above)
    • Low-watermark Threshold
      • Sijie is fine with the pull request. But need more descriptions to clarify this change include refactor.
      • Charan will ping Bobby on the pull request for his review opinions
    • JMX Beans
      • The last change removed JMX beans because stats are exposed by stats providers now. No need for JMX beans.
      • Salesforce is using JMX beans for actions
      • Consensus:
        • not use JMX bean for stats
        • Charan contributes  the actionable beans back and make it configurable
        • Need a long term discussion on how to support these actions (e.g. http endpoint, jmx bean)
    • Multiple Entry Loggers
      • Charan sends the multiple entry logger design.

Open JIRA issues for 4.5.0:

serverASF JIRA
jqlQueryfixVersion = 4.5.0 AND project = BOOKKEEPER AND resolution = Unresolved and status != closed


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