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Log4J is the engine used by OFBiz to manage its log output. The releases 13.07.*, 12.04.*, 11.04.*, 10.04.* use Log4J 1 (the configuration file is named log4j.xml) while newer releases are bundled with Log4j2 (the configuration file is named log4j2.xml).

For information about advanced configuration of Log4j refer to:


Security Settings

${ofbiz install dir}/framework/security/config/


If you are having trouble getting OFBiz to connect to your mail server, try disabling your anti-virus software (temporarily) as it may block attempts to send emails from unknown applications because it thinks they are being sent by a virus.

Another possible issue is the presence in database of SystemProperty data that could overload configuration. Be sure to check the absence of mail property in SystemProperty table.

Mounting a Root WebApp

It is often desirable to have one of the webapps mounted on the root. This is often either the ecommerce webapp or your own web site, which is created as a webapp in an OFBiz component would be setup the same way.


Database Intensive Operations
The comments above on memory settings, caches, etc. are for category browsing pages and such where just about everything should be cached. For database intensive operations, like the product searching, it's much better to focus on how the database is managing with the queries.