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  • Change the ports from 8080 to 80 and 8443 to 443
  • Possibly add or move a webapp to respond to "/".
  • If you uncommented out the BeanShell telnet service on 9989, 9990, BeanShell service ports are not secure, so protect the ports and requires attention for deployment!If you loaded the demo data be sure to disable all user logins except "admin" and maybe "flexadmin" Be sure to change their passwords if you expose your server to Internet
  • This page may not be uptodate to the latest version of OFBiz at all times therefore you should always be careful and check your system for other possible holes.
  • If it exists (new), set in to true

To think about:

  • Maybe generate a "production" script to modify and/or remove these logins for a production site Add a brief description (or a link to one) of each webapp to assist the user to determine which ones they need and which ones they don't.