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  • Ask-a-committer (bring your code and get some advice from the committers)
  • Maurice Marrink:
    Help on Wicket stuff projects. If anyone has any questions / problems about / with wasp or swarm they can not / will not ask on the mailing list, they are free to ask me on the conference and I'll do my best assist them. If they bring there projects with them it will be even easier to do so.
  • Martin Funk:
    I could throw in a 10 minute presentation about wicket-contrib-gmap2.
  • Ate Douma:
    I can answer "Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask" about Wicket Portlet support, as well as provide a presentation/demo if there is enough interest for it
  • Based on Ruby meetup successes, we could split the sessions in two: an Experienced track and a Beginners track, for those people that are interested in Wicket but need the right arguments to sell it to their bosses. Possibly rename this to "Is Wicket suitable for my CMS/Webapp/?". (smile)
  • Wouter: I'd like a 'best practices' discussion on some of the topics that have passed on the list recently.
  • codestr0m (C. Bergström):
    Put together a plan for a simple two node terracotta demo. If a real tc guru can come maybe some q/a
  • Martijn Dashorst: Vocus: A case study for Wicket
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