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Customizing the XML

The Xml Configuration is defined by JAXB POJOs in the org.apache.camel.model.* package and its sub packages.

  • If you are adding a new class you must edit the jaxb.index file to add the class name! (One day we could hopefully have these autogenerated by a maven plugin)
  • If you add a new package, you must
    • add a jaxb.index file in src/main/resources/...
    • add a file like the other model packages
    • edit the JAXB_PACKAGES string in the CamelNamespaceHandler class in camel-spring
  • whenever you add anything to the XML - add some unit tests!
    • if you add a new model package and want add a unit test in XMLPaserTest, you also need to add your package into the jaxb context in XmlTestSupport