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NOTE: Party Manager is the application where we create all the entities (companies, people, groups, departments) that we deal with in the course of doing business.

 TO DO: Add Screen Shots

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to OFBiz

  2. Create Party
    1. Select “Party” from the Applications drop down menu

    2. Click “Create New”



    The company we are creating is not an individual (person, customer, prospect or employee). It is an organisation and in OFBiz this is called a "party group" (a group of people)

  3. Enter '

    1. Party ID (e.g Company'  Note that you can enter the Party ID manually. If it is not entered OFBiz will auto generate an ID. If you enter the ID Company it will make it easier to locate it quickly in future)

    2. Group Name (e.g  “My OFBiz Main Company”. This will be the name of your company)

  4. Click “Save”


    Next we need to enter some contact details. Find the "Contact Information" section
  5. Click "Create New"

  6. Select "Postal Address"

  7. Click "Create"

  8. Enter

    1. Address Line 1

    2. Address Line 2
    3. City
    4. State / Province
    5. Zip / Postal Code
    6. Country
  9. Click Save
  10. Info
    The address will be added - but there is still some missing setup. We need to include a purpose (or use) for the address.
  11. Click “Update” next to the address details

  12. Select "Primary Address" and Click "Add Purpose
  13. Select "Shipping Origin Address" and Click "Add Purpose"
  14. Select "Shipping Destination Address" and Click "Add Purpose"
  15. Info
    The address purpose will be updated. We now need to add a specific role to this party group to let OFBiz know that is an organisation that will have an accounting setup.
  16. Click "Roles"

  17. In the 'Add to Role' section, use the dropdown box to:

    1. Select the Role Type Id "Internal Organization"
    2. Click "Add"