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15:00 Opening talk - Arjé Cahn
15:15 Apache Wicket: web applications with just Java - Martijn Dashorst
15:45 Wicket and Swing from one codebase - Johan Compagner
16:15 wicket-contrib-gmap2 - Martin Funk
16:30 (To be determined)
17:00 Wicket Portlets primer - Ate Douma
17:30 Dynamic markup and on the fly components (on binding XML to Wicket) - Wouter Huijnink
18:00 Dinner pasta buffet
19:00 Introduction to Wicket Security - Maurice Marrink
19:30 A plugin architecture for Wicket - Niels van Kampenhout and Wander Grevink
20:00 SessionStores, Pagemaps and Pages.. What does wicket store (and where) - Johan Compagner
20:30 Wicket Live On Stage! A production case study (with lots of AJAX) - Martijn Dashorst
21:00 Closing - Arjé Cahn
21:05 Sponsored drinks!
23:00 Bar closes