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In order to contribute to Gobblin, please be sure to:



Pull Requests (Code contributions, or documentation) 

  • When filing PRsPull Requests, remember to 
    • Rebase your fork (
    • Squash your commits
    • Create a JIRA for your bug fix/feature enhancement - point the JIRA "External Issue URL" to your PR URL
    • Preface your commit's subject & PR's title with [GOBBLIN-XXX], where XXX is the JIRA number, and add a JIRA link in the PR description
      • Some folks only preface the PR title with [GOBBLIN-XXX], but we also need the commit message subject to contain the JIRA id. This is because we use the subject line in the commit messages when creating the release notes. 
    • Add an Apache License header to all new files
    • & follow the 7 rules of good Git commits
    • Gobblin committers will review your submission, and approve or deny based on quality and relevanceWe expect the code contributions to be your original work, and if accepted in Apache Gobblin, would be distributed under Apache 2.0 license relevance