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Fineract CN is spread into roughly 30 projects.  This is an overview of the various categories of projects, their generic structure, and what role each plays in the Fineract CN ecosystem.

Table of Contents


Integration Tests

Integration tests run multiple services together to check that their inter-dependencies work as intended.  Integration tests are named for the services they include.  integration-tests 


demo-server is a project which uses the same methodology as the integration tests to deploy all the services together except the UI.  Demo-server provisions the services in a generic way.  This is a reasonable place to start in playing with deployment.  You will need to understand this provisioning code to be able to provision in your production environment.

It is unlikely that you will be able to build a production environment based solely on demo-server.  The services are designed for a cloud deployment in which services run in containers and scaling up is achieved by spinning up new instances.  DemoDemo-server runs one instance of each service, plus an embedded version of Eureka, Mariadb, Cassandra, and ActiveMQ locally.






Based on AngularJS.  Depends on all the services (except group) to provide back office functionality.





Services rely on libraries and sometimes each other.  They are built as spring boot deployable jars.  Some service projects include libraries intended to support other services in functionality closely related to their own.  We started off giving the services the names of egyption gods.  These names are still visible in the data structures for the services. So I've included their "code" names here.





Libraries are not deployable pieces of code.  They are intended to support the common functionality of the services.  Most library projects produce one build artifact and contain unit tests for their classes.


Support for unit tests and component tests in the services 


Each of the services has a Feign application programming interface (api).  This project contains code intended to support the creation of a Feign API.