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Before starting the upgrade process, with 2.0.4 running, perform the following actions either via REST or Admin Console:

  1. Create a Long configuration parameter named connector.conf.history.size with value '10'
  2. Create a Long configuration parameter named resource.conf.history.size with value '10'

After completing

After completing the upgrade process, with 2.0.5 running, perform the following actions either via REST or Admin Console:

  1. grant the ANYTYPE_LISTANYTYPE_READANYTYPECLASS_LIST and ANYTYPECLASS_READ entitlements to any Role used for delegated administration of Users, Groups or Any Objects
  2. re-define any previously available provisioning rule for Realms, if available
  3. open and save any User, Group or Any Object template used by Realms and Pull Tasks

Finally, execute the SQL query below on your internal storage:

Code Block
UPDATE Task SET sourceRealm_id='[id-of-root-realm]' WHERE DTYPE='PushTask';
UPDATE ConnInstance SET adminRealm_id='[id-of-root-realm]';

where [id-of-root-realm] is the if of the "/" (root) Realm; you can find it with this command:

Code Block
SELECT id FROM REALM where name = '/';


Code Block
SELECT id FROM REALM where parent_id IS NULL;

then restart the Java EE container.

Source changes


In the root pom.xml:

  • change parent/version from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5

  • change properties/syncope.version from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5


Replace the following files with their 2.0.5 counterparts (re-apply any customization previously made):