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Comment: Add INVALID_REPLICA_ASSIGNMENT, to match implementation


  • TOPIC_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED (29) The user lacked Alter on the topic
  •  INVALID_TOPIC_EXCEPTION (17) If the topic doesn't exist

  • INVALID_PARTITIONS (37) If the partition count was <= the current partition count for the topic, or .
  • INVALID_REPLICA_ASSIGNMENT (39)  if the size of any of the lists contained in the partitions list was not equal to the topic replication factor.
  • INVALID_REQUEST (42) If duplicate topics appeared in the request, or the size of the partitions list did not equal the number of new partitions
  • REASSIGNMENT_IN_PROGRESS (new) If a partition reassignment is in progress. It is necessary to prevent increasing partitions at the same time so that we can be sure the partition has a meaningful replication factor.
  • NONE (0) The topic partition count was changed successfully.