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  • Ignite Persistent Store - under the hood

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Summary, limitations and performance

Persistence files

Ignite with enabled persistence uses following folder stucture

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Consistent ID may be configured using IgniteConfiguration or generated from local IPs set

There are following file types used for persisting data: Cache pages or page store, Checkpoint markers, and WAL segments

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  • WAL segments - constant size file (WAL work directory 0...9.wal;, WAL archive 0.wal…)
  • CP markers (UUID-Begin.bin, UUID-End.bin)
  • Page store (Now implemented as uses file per partition: cache-(cache_name)\part1,2,3.bin, and index.bin)

Consistent state comes only from pair of WAL and page store.



DEFAULTfsync() on each commitAny crashes (OS and process crash)

write() on commit

Synchronisation is responsibility of OS

Kill process, but no OS fail

do nothing on commit

(records are accumulated in memory)

write() on timeout

kill -9 may cause loss of several latest updates