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serverASF JIRA

Functional Specification

Introduction and Use-case

Several organizations use Cloudian as S3 provider, the aim is to develop a Cloudian connector for CloudStack that can do the following:

  • Provide ease in connector configuration using CloudStack global settings
  • Perform SSO from CloudStack UI into Cloudian Management Console (CMC) when the connector is enabled
  • Auto provisioning and de-provisioning of CloudStack accounts and domains as Cloudian users and groups respectively
  • During CloudStack UI logout, logout user from CMC

CloudStack account will be mapped to Cloudian Users, and CloudStack domain will be mapped to Cloudian Groups.

The CloudStack admin account is mapped to Cloudian admin (user name configurable).

The user/group provisioning will be from CloudStack to Cloudian only, i.e. user/group addition/removal/updation/deactivation in Cloudian portal (CMC) won't propagate the changes to CloudStack.


When enabled, a "Cloudian" tab appears in the UI which when clicked performs SSO and opens CMC in a new browser window/tab: