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issue trackingdescription
MSHARED-661 ((tick) maven-archiver 3.4.0)


MSHARED-796 ((tick) maven-archiver-3.4.0)

MSHARED-494 ((tick) maven-archiver 3.1.0)META-INF/maven/$groupId/$artifactId/
MSHARED-800 (tick)META-INF/maven/$groupId/$artifactId/
MPLUGIN-261 ((tick) maven-plugin-plugin 3.3)META-INF/maven/plugin.xml
MPLUGIN-326 ((tick) maven-plugin-plugin 3.5.1)META-INF/maven/plugin.xml
plexus-containers issue #8 ((tick) plexus-component-metadata 2.0.0)
plexus-containers issue #27 ((tick) plexus-component-metadata 2.1.0)META-INF/plexus/components.xml
bnd-maven-plugin #3521 ((tick) bnd-maven-plugin configuration)META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
FELIX-6269 ((tick) maven-bundle-plugin:manifest & bundle 4.2.2)META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
FELIX-6203 ((tick) maven-bundle-plugin:bundle 4.2.2)META-INF/maven/$groupId/$artifactId/
sisu-maven-plugin 5e2377c ((tick) sisu.inject 0.3.4)META-INF/sisu/javax.inject.Named
sisu-maven-plugin annotation processor 570e81 ((tick) sisu.inject 0.9.0.M1)META-INF/sisu/javax.inject.Named
MRRESOURCES-114 ((tick) maven-remote-resources-plugin 1.7.0)projectTimespan, as often printed in META-INF/NOTICE
JDK-8240734 ((tick)JDK 15)module-info.class
zip entries timestamp and order
COMPRESS-485 ((tick) commons-compress 1.19)keep entries order when gathering ParallelScatterZipCreator

- PR #118 ((tick) plexus-archiver 4.2.0): predefined timestamp
- PR #121 ((tick) plexus-archiver 4.2.0): manage TZ
- PR #127 ((tick) plexus-archiver 4.2.1): manage DST

avoid timestamp issues in archives created by plexus-archiver (widely used in Maven plugins creating jar, zip, war, tar... archives)
plexus-archiver issue #114 ((tick) plexus-archiver 4.2.0)To enable reproducible builds `AbstractArchiver#addFileSet` should add the files in order

MSHARED-837 ((tick) maven-archiver 3.5.0)

support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable or equivalent: see

=> see "Output Archive Entries Timestamp" section of the proposal

plexus-archiver #271 ((tick) plexus-archiver 2.7.0)remove variation based on user's umask on Unixes (particularly group write)
plexus-archiver #124 ((tick) plexus-archiver 4.2.0)remove variation based on uid/gid & userName/groupName in tar
MSOURCES-120 ((tick) maven-source-plugin 3.2.0)apply reproducible zip (entries order and timestamp) to maven-source-plugin
MSOURCES-137 ((tick) maven-source-plugin 3.3.1)apply 022 umask (to ease RB check: independent from env)
MASSEMBLY-921 ((tick) maven-assembly-plugin 3.2.0)apply reproducible archive (entries order and timestamp) to maven-assembly-plugin
MASSEMBLY-989 ((tick) maven-assembly-plugin 3.6.0)apply 022 umask (to ease RB check: independent from env)
MJAR-263 ((tick) maven-jar-plugin 3.2.0)apply reproducible zip (entries order and timestamp) to maven-jar-plugin
MSITE-851 ((tick) maven-site-plugin 3.9.0)apply reproducible zip (entries order and timestamp) to site:jar 
MJAVADOC-627 ((tick) maven-javadoc-plugin 3.2.0)apply reproducible zip (entries order and timestamp) to javadoc:*jar 
MSHADE-347 ((tick) maven-shade-plugin 3.2.2)apply reproducible zip (entries order and timestamp) to shade:shade
MSHADE-352 ((tick) maven-shade-plugin 3.2.3)keep reproducible timestamp when shading with transformer
MSHADE-420 ((tick) maven-shade-plugin 3.5.2)mtime from extra field data from shaded dependency makes result builder's timezone sensitive
ARCHETYPE-590 ((tick) maven-archetype-plugin 3.2.0)apply reproducible zip (entries order and timestamp) to archetype:jar 
MWAR-432 ((tick) maven-war-plugin 3.3.0)apply reproducible zip (entries order and timestamp) to war:jar 
MWAR-471dependencies copied to WEB-INF/lib have an executable permission on WSL mounting Windows share for local repo
MACR-53 ((tick) maven-acr-plugin 3.2.0)
MEAR-280 ((tick) maven-ear-plugin 3.1.0)
MEJB-128 ((tick) maven-ejb-plugin 3.1.0)
MRAR-86 ((tick) maven-rar-plugin 3.0.0)
MJLINK-75 ((tick) maven-jlink-plugin 3.0.0)apply reproducible zip to the zip file created by the plugin
issues fixed in maven-archiver will have been picked by 9 other plugins managed by Apache Maven team (acr, ear, ejb, jlink, rar), probably other plugins creating zip/jar/tar archives managed outside Apache Maven team will require to do the same
FELIX-6304 ((tick) maven-bundle-plugin:bundle 5.1.1)order and timestamp of jar entries for bundle goal
FELIX-6404 ((tick) maven-bundle-plugin 5.1.3)regression in 5.1.2
FELIX-6495 ((tick) maven-bundle-plugin 5.1.4)bundle:manifest adds Bnd-LastModified even if outputTimestamp is defined
FELIX-6496 ((tick) maven-bundle-plugin 5.1.5)
require bnd #5021((tick)6.2)

non-reproducible Export-Package and Private-Package values

FELIX-6602 ((tick) maven-bundle-plugin 5.1.9)

non-reproducible Include-Resource entry


non-reproducible Export-Service entry

spring-boot-maven-plugin:repackage #20176 ((tick) 2.3.0-M4)timestamp
org.jboss.jandex:jandex-maven-plugin #26 ((tick) 1.1.1)unsorted files (notice: not sure that sorting files at plugin level is sufficient: it seems Jandex indexer itself produces non-reproducible output)

org.jboss.jandex:jandex-maven-plugin #35 (error) 1.2.3

replaced by io.smallrye:jandex-maven-plugin #286 ((tick) 3.1.0)

jandex.idx output is not stable/reproducible
MJAR-275 ((tick)maven-jar-plugin 3.3.0)

outputTimestamp not applied to module-info.class

moditect-maven-plugin:add-module-info #185 ((tick) 1.0.0.Final)

creates module-info.class with non-reproducible timestamp

moditect #222 ((tick) 1.2.0.Final)

timestamp is dependent on timezone

SM-5021 ServiceMix depends-maven-plugin:generate-depends-file ((tick)1.5.0)timestamp in generated depends.txt
XBEAN-335 Geronimo maven-xbean-plugin timestamp in generated /META-INF/spring-* (Properties format)
KARAF-7367 karaf-maven-plugin:kar #1492 ((tick) 4.3.7)does not take outputTimestamp into account
quarkus-extension-maven-plugin #38364 ((tick) 3.9.0)timestamp in generated properties META-INF/, META-INF/ and sources *.jdp
tracking of plugins with issues and fixes is now also done in artifact:check-buildplan