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  • Ignite Persistent Store - under the hood

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Subfolder name is generated on start. By default new stile naming style naming is used, for example node00-e819f611-3fb9-4dbe-a3aa-1f6de4af5d02, where

  • where 'node' is constant prefix,
  • '00'-node index


  • , it is incrementing counter of local nodes under same PST root folder,


  • remainig is string representation UUID, this UUID became node consistent ID.

For running ignite  

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Option 1. For case ignite is started for clear persistence storage root folder, this naming is used (option 1).


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Option 2. This option is used in case there is existing pst-subfolder with exact same name with compatible consistent ID (loca host IPs and ports list). If there is such folder, Ignite is started using this one, consistent ID is not changed.

Option 3 is . This option is applied in case there is preconfigured value from IgniteConfiguration