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  • French Connection 2017 Meetup

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Comment: added link to ASF gitpubsub jenkins plugin


  • Wiki:
    • tree structure simplification done: see Index
    • page tags started: maven-dev, plugin-dev & maven-user
    • Added proposal pages properties, to have in Proposals index page an automatic index with backlog-like classification (draft/wip/done/abandoned)
  • good lunch in a little restaurant (smile)
  • Git:
    • aggregator: looked at Sling study and WIP with Google repo (
      serverASF JIRA
    • Jenkins: sconnolly videos in progress (see episode 1), expecting gitpubsub integration in addition to ASF Organization scanning
    • Doxia git repo history is not so clean (strange independant branches): is it a strong issue?
      • later hbo analysis: just a little mess in the ancient Doxia 1.0/1.0-alpha times, nothing serious, history is full clean for 1.x
    • preparing new Git repos for content: looked at Sling script which splits full svn2git mono-repo to a collection of repos based on git filter-branch --subdirectory-filter ${module_orig}
    • idea: create a git repo for dist-tool-plugin => 2017-10-29 maven-dist-tool ready, with migration script
  • jansi-native Windows improvement issue #11: let's try Apache Help Wanted to find a contributor with required knowledge
  • build pom vs consumer pom:
    • think big, start small: should not require Maven core updates, just use flatten-maven-plugin with a "standard" configuration
      • this standard configuration can start easy: just remove build, reporting and profiles
      • publish simplified model documentation 
      • prove consumer pom deployment as default pom, and build pom as attached artifactspecial case:
        • when packaging=pom, default pom remains build pom
      • then discuss more aggressive simplification in consumer pom (like parent flatten or any other remaining element)
    • is a key enabler to add more build features in future Maven version, with appropriate pom enhancements in project/build section
      • think big, start small: starting with the pom enhancements that are waiting for for many years as magic properties (like encoding, bytecode version, ...)
  • build performance enhancement (aka incremental build, or build avoidance, or...)
    • need to track per mojo what are the inputs and the outputs (some configuration being a type of input), then a framework to track rebuilds
    • prerequisite: monitor performance, to get real figures of where time is going and what would be useful to optimize or not (stay simple)
      • would permit to check performance of a plugin mojo version after version
      • or check performance when changing Maven core version
      • or track what is re-done when building 2 times without modifying anything, then should be avoided
      • use Chromium trace viewer to render?