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  • Sling module descriptor

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  • automatically maintaining a which points to documentation URLs or the build Job
  • setting GitHub repository topics

Therefore it is proposed to allow the existence of a Sling module descriptor file in the root of each Git repository. If no descriptor exists, the module is processed by various tools in the default manner. If it exists, the tools must inspect it for custom settings and apply them.


Code Block
languagejs example
  "jenkins": {
    "jdks": [
    "archivePatterns": [
    "mavenGoal": "install",
    "additionalMavenParams": "-Dorg.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.repositories=,",
    "upstreamProjects": [
    "rebuildFrequency": "@weekly",
    "enabled": false,
    "emailRecipients": [
    "branches": {
      "master": {
        "nodeLabel": "git-websites",
        "additionalMavenParams": "-Ppublish-site -Dmsg=\"Automatic website deployment\""