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-let CANDIDATE be "rc1", "rc2", etc. depending on which candidate this is
-determine the git revision that was used to build the release - go to the Jenkins job, and look for a long hash after "Revision:". Will be referred to as $HASH.
-prepare a commit message - could be something like "$CANDIDATE of $VERSION release", or something more descriptive. ($COMMIT)
-do the tag:
-push the tag:
git push origin '$VERSION-$CANDIDATE'
(assuming the Apache repo is "origin" for you)

Staging a Release Candidate

Into a local release directory, $RELEASE, checkout staging area:


Add the candidate, and svn add&svn commit.

5. Releasing a Release Candidate

To actually release a candidate, move it to the release area. In addition to the staging area, the release area needs to be checked out: