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  1. Code contribution (features, improvements, bug fixes and optimizations):
    1. 10 tasks of moderate complexity on average or
    2. 2 1 outstanding tasks such as a big feature or significant improvements.
    3. A candidate needs to have a good presence and visibility on the dev list. At least, he/she has to drive the topics related to his/her contributions. 

  2. Community engagement (optional for the committership but essential for those candidates who want to get to the PMC):
    1. Active involvement in Ignite features and future discussions on the dev list. Can be checked with Nabble (
    2. Ignite users support via the user list and Stackoverflow. Total number of messages sent to the user list can be checked via Nabble:
    3. Presenting Ignite at various events (meetups, conferences, webinars).
    1. Blog posts about Ignite: