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Web applications

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pageWeb applications

JavaServer Faces

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pageJavaServer Faces
  • AJAX with JSF
  • Using JSP Immediate Expressions to access JSF
  • User Interface development with JSF
  • JSF application to perform create, delete, update operation against a database table

Application clients

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pageApplication clients

EJB applications

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pageEJB applications
  • Stateful Session Bean
  • Message Driven Bean
  • Container Managed Persistence with JPA
  • Bean Managed Persistence with JPA

Web services

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pageWeb services
  • Building JAX-WS EJB stateless session bean web services
  • RESTFUL Web Services
  • SAAJ Web Services
  • MTOM Web Services
  • WS Addressing
  • Securing your applications


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  • JAX-WS web service and client using annotations

Geronimo plugins

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pageGeronimo plugins


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