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  • Improved the usability of examples and tutorials
  • C++ Stack traces are now demangled in OSX and Linux (improved developer experience and bug reports).


  • Fixed I/O multiprocessing for too many open file handles (#8904), race condition (#8995), deadlock (#9126).

  • Fixed image IO integration with OpenCV 3.3 (#8757).

  • Fixed Gluon block printing (#8956).

  • Fixed float16 argmax when there is negative input. (#9149)

  • Fixed random number generator to ensure sufficient randomness. (#9119, #9256, #9300)

  • Fixed custom op multi-GPU scaling (#9283)

  • Fixed gradient of gather_nd when duplicate entries exist in index. (#9200)

  • Fixed overriden contexts in Module `group2ctx` option when using multiple contexts (#8867)
  • Fixed `swap_axes` operator with "add_to" gradient req  (#9541)
  • Fixed SSD kernel launch resource limits on volta (#9480)