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// '+' denotes addition, '-' denotes deletion.
public interface TaskNameGrouper {
  + @Deprecated
  Set<ContainerModel> group(Set<TaskModel> tasks);

  + @Deprecated
  default Set<ContainerModel> group(Set<TaskModel> tasks, List<String> containersIds) {
    return group(tasks);
   * @param taskModels, represents the taskModels generated by the SSPGrouper.
   * @param taskLocality, taskName to locationId mapping of the previous generation. 
   * @param processorLocality, processorId to locationId mapping.
   * @return the containerModels generated.   
  + Set<ContainerModel> group(Set<TaskModel> taskModels, Map<String, String> taskLocality, Map<String, String> processorLocality);

+ @Deprecated
public interface BalancingTaskNameGrouper extends TaskNameGrouper {
  + @Deprecated 
  Set<ContainerModel> balance(Set<TaskModel> tasks, LocalityManager localityManager);

public class ContainerModel {
  - @Deprecated
  - private final int containerId;
  private final String processorId;
  private final Map<TaskName, TaskModel> tasks;
  + // New field added denoting the physical locationId.
  + private final String locationId;

+public interface LocationIdProvider {
   +  // In case of containerized environments, LocationId is a combination of multiple fields (sliceId, containerId, hostname) instead of simple physical hostname,
   +  // This will be provided by the execution environment of the processor.
   + String getLocationId();

+ public interface MetadataStore {
  + // Gets the value associated with the specified {@code key}.
  + byte[] get(byte[] key);
  + // Updates the mapping of the specified key-value pair; Associates the specified {@code key} with the specified {@code value} 
  + void put(byte[] key, byte[] value);
  + // Deletes the mapping for the specified {@code key} from this key-value store (if such mapping exists).
  + void remove(byte[] key);