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This page documents decisions we made while finding out how to best work with Git as well and various quality-of-life tips related to Git.

Accepting new contributions

When accepting an external contribution we will import it into the sling-whiteboard repository. Before making a new release, we will move it to its own repository with the release manager also proposing a proper artifact id and therefore repository name.

It is recommended to provide ownership

See also dev@sling - Where do we put new git modules?


Creating a new repository is done using the web UI at . Please use the module name from the pom file as the repository name.



Creating links to Git commits

To quickly create links to Git commits in JIRA a script such as the one below can be used:

Code Block
#!/bin/sh -e
if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
hash=$(git rev-parse --short ${commit})
base=$(git remote get-url origin)
echo "[commit ${hash}|${url}]"